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1:15 p.m. - Friday, Sept. 11, 2020
second date
I had a second date and it was good. I did think that he didn't have the kind of face that I would normally be attracted to but he's not bad looking. Maybe just something a lil bit dorky. Weak chin? I dunno. He's really smart though and we have great conversations. I invited him back to mine for a glass of wine and had sex with him again. I really shouldn't. I would rather just get to know him first but these things happen especially when alcohol is involved. I woke up on Thursday feeling awful. I don't think drinking is for me anymore. I have been mixing it up though. If I stick to beer or wine and moderate the amount I'm OK. Trouble is once you start it's hard to stop. I understand the whole tea total thing in a way. I just hate losing whole days to hangovers. I get depressed...

So I don't feel mad chemistry with this guy but I know from past experiences that when I do have that feeling it's usually doomed. It means certain buttons are being pushed and I'm attracted to someone who is messed up too. I can't keep falling into these unhealthy relationships. This guy seems like a 'nice guy' so far, I could be wrong... but I should give him a chance. So I asked him if he was free on Sunday and he said no but next weekend he is. I felt a bit disappointed so that's a good sign. I guess I like him. I wanna take it slow anyway. This is all presuming he wants something to happen. Maybe he just wants a bit of fun. That's fine. I'm feeling very relaxed about the whole thing.



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