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3:52 p.m. - Monday, Jul. 27, 2020
Not sure if I'm going on my short break to Tarifa this Saturday. The couple I am going with have broken up, but they always break up and get back together so who knows. i kinda don't care either way. If I don't go I can focus on the painting and save money. I'm getting quite into it now. I finally tidied my studio yesterday and I feel much more focused in there. Cleared the table by the window so I can sketch ideas and hung nearly all of my paintings around the sofa, so in that corner it looks like an art salon. Haven't decided what to do with the screenprinting. To be honest I am partly wanting to do that just so I can hang out with that guy. I literally need to pay people to feel less alone. I feel much better now though. Quite content in fact. I've got my routine now. I get up about 8.30-9am, eat breakfast, do yoga, go shopping for groceries, paint, eat lunch then at 4pm I close the shutters to keep out the sun and siesta or just read (usually Spanish books). Then I start painting again around 6/7pm and eat about 9pm. Sometimes I go to Retiro Park which is lovely and cool.I was gonna go today but I have to wait in for an Amazon delivery. Getting an adaptor for my TV so I can plug a firestick in and watch the internet on there. I hate having to watch stuff in bed.
Feeling pretty positive about my work. The painting is going quite well and I am feeling driven to invest more into my business. I have to be more confident otherwise I won't get anywhere. I have to trust the universe. I've seen a couple of jobs I could apply for but I need to focus on my own creative projects now because I'm gaining momentum. I can survive financially a few more months.



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