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8:07 p.m. - Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021
he's leaving
So I am definitely in love. Absolutely smitten with this guy. He came last Friday and hasn't really left. I now know he's not into monogamy which is a bit of a bummer but at the same time if that's what he is like I'd rather know than be suspecting of someone cheating on me, I appreciate him being upfront about who he is now. He had an open relationship with his ex fiance - with rules. He's so perfect for me in every way that I almost don't even care about that. He's literally too good to be true. We've been having the most magical time and I love his company. He lies in my bed while I work and trades Bitcoin and he makes me amazing breakfast every day and when he goes back to his ex girlfriend's flat he bakes me cookies and brings them. We hang out in the evenings talking, smoking weed, kissing, dancing, laughing and staring into each other's eyes. He's everything I want in a man and I can't believe he's here in my flat. We're so compatible.
BUT he has to leave for Italy next week to look after his grandparents. I thought we were going to have a month together so that's really upset me. Also I finish my job next Friday so we could have had an amazing time together. I keep crying at random moments because I know I am going to miss him like crazy. l miss him when he's in the bathroom for too long for gawd's sake. That's the oxytocin of love. I suppose it's for the best that he is leaving early otherwise I'd get even more attached.

I don't wanna live without him but he'll be in Margarita for a few months. He says he'll be back... but who knows he might fall in love with someone else.
Just my luck I meet the one after 43 years and then he's leaving town almost straight away. He's so cute and crazy. I would marry him and have his babies. I'm 43 next month. Losing my head. I am still waiting for him to drop some bombshell and I find out it was all some sick joke...

He's out with his friends walking today. Sort of nice to have a break so I can at least write this blog entry. I keep thinking he won't come back but then he has left all his stuff here.



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