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11:59 p.m. - Thursday, Jun. 18, 2020
Ow my back
Quick fill in, I stopped yoga because I did a number on my back and was bedridden for three days (and slept on the floor one night). I got quite scared and frustrated because I could barely sit upright without straining it further and the pain was excruciating. I felt like I’d been kicked in the kidneys and had needles digging into my spine. So I think I had lumbago from sitting all day at the computer and a trapped nerve in the centre of my spine. I also have a painful coccyx. Had it weeks... weird. I had no painkillers in the flat but a friend dropped some ibuprofen round after two days of agony which wasn’t strong enough at 400mgs. I just had to get stoned and watch Schitt’s Creek which is an amazing warm hearted Canadian comedy that I’m so in love with. On Sunday morning I woke up still in pain and called Sol to drive me to hospital to get an injection perhaps - to relax the muscles. But amazingly when she arrived the pain had subsided substantially and I didn’t need to go. Maybe just having some company relaxed me.

Painting is flowing a bit better now. Pleased with my last abstract, luckily they extended the 4th review deadline by a week so I can catch up on my bedridden time.

I started using Tinder and have a date tomorrow. Though we said we both hate dates and I got him some weed so it will be a drug deal and see where we go from there. We seem to get on really well via chat. We talked about music and audio gear. He’s an audiophile so that’s a big tick from me. I had a 4 hour conversation with him last Friday after we matched. I was happy because I’d been feeling really low that day thinking I’d run out of men on the dating apps and scraping the bottom of the barrel, then he popped up as I was about to give up and seemed cool. Amazing English, using colloquialisms too. We’ll see... I don’t expect to fancy him. I already know he’s 3 inches shorter than me but that’s a big improvement on Vinnie (who has disappeared off the Internet again).

So I joined a weed club last night and it’s pretty cool. You can just hang out in a dark smoky room with other stoners if you want, but more interesting is the owner. He’s a friend of my socialist ex housemates and he’s basically a Russian American activist hacker who is on the US Watchlist and now banned from the US. He was heavily involved with the Wall Street protests and 15M here. He’s using tech to fight fascists. Pretty fucking cool.



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