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1:38 a.m. - Wednesday, May. 06, 2020
Drunk alone in lockdown
I finished my 30 day yoga journey yesterday and I can say it's changed me. I'm quite impressed. This lockdown has been so beneficial to me I almost feel guilty. I know this bliss won't last because life has a habit of gate crashing on that but I'm enjoying it as if it won't. I drank 5 cans of one of my favourite Spanish beers tonight- Estrella. It was a lot of fun. I listened to some good music and video called my friend Coryn. I don't like to drink too much but the occasional piss up reminds me how wonderful alcohol is. I love being a bit drunk and a bit stoned. Fuck it, if i'm hungover tomorrow I'll just do a yoga session and smoke weed.

I spoke to my friend in NYC tonight and she wants to start up a mini operation with the two of us doing VFX. Sod working in a studio. we got enough experience between us and she has the expensive software license that really helps you get legit work. Companies get to save on a license and a desk and if you've worked with before they can trust you. Sounds good to me. I'm very optimistic about the future... There's only so long you can out up with the bullshit. then you just see through it and you can't play the game anymore.

So last night I really got into painting and was in my brightly studio after dark with the shutters open. I would have been very visible from the street and usually I'm increxy send conscious about being seen whilst I'm working but I decided to embrace it and actually, I became so absorbed by my weird surreal painting (I think I'm going to title it "Let's Do You) that I forgot that anyone could see me in the window, but if they could I would be part of some magical street theatre and that felt very liberating.



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