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11:56 p.m. - Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020
Change of fortune
I have a new job! I applied on Thursday, got invited for the interview on Friday and offered the job half hour after the interview ended yesterday. I’m so happy and relieved. It’s another high profile animated feature but I don’t know what it is yet. The great thing is I am working remotely for a London studio so getting a good day rate for Spain. I’m so lucky I got into animation when I did. It’s one of the few providers of jobs that is still going during this pandemic.
Also just after I got the good news that Spanish guy I’d been dating but hadn’t seen for one month texted me which was a surprise. I’d written him off and had sort of forgotten about him. He apologised for being MIA and said that he’d lost his job and had been really busy seeing potential tenants for his flat. I told him my news and he asked if I wanted to celebrate with a beer. I said Yes! Because I really did want to mark it, not because I wanted to see him.We managed to squeeze in one beer before the bar closed at 10:30pm because of the state of alarm restrictions and then we picked up some more from the shop and he came back to mine. I wasn’t really feeling it with him but then after sitting and talking for a while I started to warm to him and we had amazing sex. He is really growing on me. He’s very smart and nice really. I like the pace we’re going at. I feel comfortable and I’m starting to fancy him a bit now. I’m actually glad he came back, especially because I was having no luck connecting in any meaningful way with anyone else on Tinder. It’s shocking how little feedback you get. No one wants to talk and you just get ghosted constantly. I’ve got a really attractive profile too.
I found out he’s divorced as well, last year after a 5 year marriage. Apparently the marriage was for citizenship for his Russian partner really. My first divorcee, I really am middle aged...
He left at about 3am, he says he can’t sleep in anyone else’s bed very well, but he’ll be unemployed soon so that won’t matter, he can stay up all night. Luckily he’s going to get a good redundancy package and he wanted a change anyway. I’m sure he’ll find something else. I love talking to him. It’s so rare that I can really converse with a guy so well on a variety of subjects. Yeah I’d say he’s a good catch. I think I can survive this bleak time with a job and a nice guy to hang out with. I feel very very blessed. I know how lucky I am. Yesterday was an amazing day! But most people are having such an awful time at the moment. The worst thing is there is no end in sight. Conversely in many ways I am having my best year. I’m so contrary. Other good news is thaton Friday I ran for 20 mins non stop as part of couch to 5k and didn’t get out of breath, I haven’t run this week because it’s raining and will continue to all week. I also went to Bootcamp in the park on Saturday morning for a free first session. It was sort of fun and I’m fairly fit, it was hard work and I need to work on my abdominals. Got no strength there. It was all in Spanish so I struggled to understand everything perfectly so I had to copy everyone else doing these reps of different exercises. Not sure if I will continue after I start this job, I also want to got to dance classes too. I’m not going to have any time to read! It’s quite amazing how starting the running seems to have had a knock on effect and my life has really turned around during the course of a few weeks. I’m also getting paid €300 for a book cover I designed for a friend. Just going to enjoy this time before it all goes to shit again.



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