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11:58 a.m. - Friday, Sept. 08, 2017
Life goals for 40
In 6 months time I will be 40. I had a couple of things I wanted to acheive by that age even before I came to Madrid which by my being here has set those things in motion. So I have no excuse.

1. To learn Spanish

2. To have a body of work that I am proud of that I would be happy to exhibit. I chose an arbitrary number of paintings to constitute a body of work and that number is 16. Which is quite a lot, but most likely they will be small.

3. To have a half decent wardrobe (including a new quality handbag and decent shoes) and a second set of quality bedsheets. Does it count if I receive these sheets as a birthday gift? Not really because this is about personal goals but I shouldn't take this list or myself so seriously.

4. To have started making an income from my textiles, even if very small.

5. To have a good flattering haircut.

That's it so far, 1. And 2. I think are achievable if I work bloody hard and I will feel very satisfied with myself if I do. I hope. I may add to this list but I think I should keep it short.



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