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11:54 p.m. - Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018
Back to London for two week job
Just landed a two week job in London stating Monday. At a place that dropped me after a week when I worked there before. It’s a shitty company but I may as well make some cash now as I will be in London for my birthday soon anyway. The Portuguese guy I had a short fling with from my last job might also be working on it too. He’s gonna find out tomorrow... and the married ex works around the corner... and hopefully Daniel will want to see me, though he’s been a bit crap responding to my texts. He is busy though. He’s the one I really want to see. I just hope I get his letter before I catch my flight on Saturday. He posted it on Tuesday and it should take 3-5 days but this is Spain. Gonna be so annoying if I have to wait till 20th March when I get back to read it. Especially if things go weird and don’t work out whilst I am there, which is most likely given the circumstances and age gap and it’s me... Could get my flatmate to forward it to me in London I guess. Staying with my mate in his big house in Finsbury Park. He’s charging me £250 a month, so very reasonable! A Godsend that is. Just checked the weather forecast and it’s gonna be freezing in London next week. Typical.



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